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Our affinity program is an easy, fun – and fresh – way to fundraise for your organization!  It’s so simple!   Every time one of your supporters shops with us and mentions your organization, you receive rebates!   

How to get started
Fill out the form below, we’ll confirm your participation via email, send you the organization’s affinity code (which your supporters can use when ordering from Ashland Addison) as well as provide you with web copy, newsletter/bulletin copy, marketing hand outs or any other materials requested.  We’ll also add you to an email communication list to share important times to mention this partnership to your supporters in order to get the best response and most success!

How to receive your fundraised dollars
When your supporters choose Ashland Addison for their flower and gift needs, we will:

1.) Credit your Ashland Addison account with an amount equal to 20% of the purchases made by your supporters at Ashland Addison. (This can be used for any Ashland Addison product!)
2.) Send you a check equal to 10% of the purchases made by your supporters at Ashland Addison.

For example, in a three month period if your supporters spend $1,000 with Ashland Addison Florist Company, we’ll credit your account $200 (Imagine the holiday poinsettias, Easter lilies or table centerpieces you can get FREE with this fundraised money!) or we’ll cut you a check for $100!

Rebates are calculated quarterly (March, June, September and December) and information (acknowledgement of credit or check sent in the mail) is provided by the 30th of the following month. 

Special event and weddings will generate a maximum of $500 Ashland Addison credit or $250 cash back reward. Purchases with reward dollars (credit) are not eligible to accrue additional rewards. 

Please note: Our most successful partners are those who work closely with Ashland Addison throughout the year to remind their supporters of special gift giving opportunities and reminding them that shopping with family-owned and operated Ashland Addison Florist is a way to give back to their own organization!

Simply fill out the form below and we’ll get started!

Questions?  dmeifert@ashaddflorist.com or (312) 432-1800 ext. 120

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