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The Ashland Addison Story


1932 Quality & Service

Ashland Addison is a family owned and operated florist, established in 1932 at the corner of Ashland and Addison in Chicago. It started when our grandfather, S. Roy Sheffield, was paid with flowers instead of cash by local flower growers for carting flowers to market. In turn, he made bouquets and sold them for ten to twenty five cents at the corner of Ashland and Addison, then a busy street car intersection.


1964 Continuing A Legacy

Roy retired and sold the business to his sons, Bill and John, in January of 1964. The business continued and grew due to Bill and John's efforts to delivery, quality, freshness, value and service to customers, clients, and friends.

Flower Shop

1996 Third Generation

Then progressed to its third generation, Bill, Sr.’s sons, Bill Jr. and Chris, expanded the business into cyberspace in 1996 at www.ashaddflorist.com and added an 11,500 square foot design, shipping and receiving facility at 1640 W. Fulton St which has now relocated to 1956 W. 17th St.

Ashland Group Shot

New Locations

Further, the brothers added several other locations including 3118 North Lincoln Avenue in Lakeview, 250 E. Superior St. in the Prentice Woman's Hospital of Northwestern Memorial Hospital and 1620 West Harrison (in the Brennan Pavilion at Rush University Medical Center).

Lakeview Outdoor


Now, the family is excited about the addition of fourth generation Sheffield, Justin, joining the business with a fresh, young mind and continuing to find great ways to carry on the quality and service started in 1932.